Question: What is T4S?

Answer: ERP and PLM are two of the most strategic and important applications in corporate IT landscapes. As each system becomes more complex, the need to share information between these systems becomes more critical. But integration ERP and PLM poses many questions and challenges. Business processes that drive data in today’s manufacturing organizations don’t start and stop in a single application. At what point in workflows does it make sense to transfer data? And what data should be transferred between the systems? What data should be mastered in which application?

The Teamcenter Gateway for SAP Business Suite (T4S) supports seamless processes in the areas of Engineering, Manufacturing and Product and Portfolio Planning (PPM) by integrating the transfer of business objects into the daily business processes of the user.

There are four primary ways to transfer data between Teamcenter and SAP:

  • T4S supports ad-hoc transfers through modification of the Teamcenter user interface. This functionality is usually made available to select users in Teamcenter.
  • As users execute their regular release processes through defined workflows and data is transferred seamlessly and transparently to SAP.
  • Background data synchronization is available for tasks that do not need deep process integration.
  • The Data View capability allows user to view data from SAP in their regular Teamcenter work environment. This is useful to support decision making processes in PLM that need additional data that is typically not part of the PLM space like purchase orders or production orders for make or buy decisions, or information that is rapidly changing like stock and inventory data. And where actual transfer of the data to Teamcenter is not required.
  • It is important to mention that the Teamcenter Gateway supports custom TC data models, all attributes for the above-mentioned business objects and is able to follow object relations in Teamcenter to include additional information or business objects in the transfers. On the SAP side T4S is able to call custom BAPIs by configuration and is extensible to call other BAPIs that are not mentioned in the list.

    Question: What are the capabilities of T4S?


    Question: What does it take for a customer to implement T4S? What business processes do they need to have finalized?

    Answer: The customer needs to finalize the following points for implementing T4s Integration

  • What types (think item types with which properties) of data will be transferred?
  • Reverse Data Mapping (i.e. what data does SAP send back to Teamcenter)?
  • Is the transfer of data from Teamcenter going to be triggered by a Workflow Integration or batch Integration?
  • Question: Why would a customer choose T4S over a totally custom solution?


    What is Infocore’s knowledge / experience with T4S?

    Infocore has successfully implemented T4S at multiple customer sites across industries such as Automotive and Consumer Packaged Goods. We have in-depth experience with Teamcenter and SAP and can help guide you in configuring a deployment of T4S that will bring efficiency and data integrity to your design and supply chain process.

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