Let’s make the leap

As a manufacturer or enterprise leader, you negotiate a tricky path every day. You keep up with consumer demand and navigate regulations as you manage complex product lifecycles and increasingly complicated supply chains—all while continuing to innovate. And along the way, you have to compensate for gaps in your systems.

Your work requirements aren’t going to get any simpler. But you can make the process simpler by implementing software solutions that close the gaps. In the age of integrated, digitalized manufacturing, you can design and manufacture high-quality products with increased productivity, less waste, and higher profits.

Want in? Let us help you join the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Who We Are

At Infocore, we want to make things better and better—and help you do the same. Since 2014, our cutting-edge digital transformation company has been specializing in enterprise and manufacturing software systems with a global team of sharp, curious professionals. Since the beginning, we’ve been working across multiple industries around the world to design and implement systems that resolve inefficiencies in engineering and manufacturing processes

We started Infocore because we wanted to give people in the manufacturing sector more than a cache of resources. We believed then—and we believe now—that the only successful way to guide your company through the Industry 4.0 digital transformation is to use a hybrid, solution-oriented approach.

What does “solution-oriented” mean at Infocore? It means that our global team of domain experts partner with you throughout the entire process, from choosing and customizing the right digital products to installation, training, and full adoption of your integrated system. It means that at every step, we make sure that your solution is as practical and effective as it can possibly be.

We’re proud to be a trusted, award-winning partner of software solutions providers such as Siemens. We’re proud that our team members are as personable as they are capable. And we’re proud that our agile solutions and competitive pricing allow us to make the highest quality digital transformation products and services available to your company, wherever you do your work.

Our Management Team

Managing Director – Global ( Focus : Sales, Marketing & Operations)

Ehsan Shariff

Ehsan Shariff is the Managing Director and founding Partner of Infocore Group. He is a key leader in driving Digital Change across the globe with Siemens Industry Software, enabling innovation in the entire Product Lifecycle, from design , development to Manufacturing operations Management for various industries.

He has extensive experience in developing successful market strategies across South east Asia, India, Europe and the United States. He has led Infocore in these markets for creating new businesses and delivering specialized projects with a very successful and robust global hybrid delivery model.

Ehsan Shariff earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computers Science from the prestigious Bangalore Institute of Technology, India.

He, his wife and their 2 kids reside in Germany. He is an avid golfer during his free time.

Managing Partner - Global ( Focus : Business Consulting, Delivery and Support)

Abu Malick

Abu Malick is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Infocore Group.

With over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Solutions, he has successfully shaped IT Strategies and deployed enterprise solutions for various organizations across Europe, Middle East and SouthEast Asia.

Abu has a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering and has over the years worked closely in consulting, architecting and implementing enterprise solutions, for projects across the globe.

He is a reader and appreciates a discussion around advanced technology and the Connected Industry 4.0 .

Director Presales Europe ( Focus : Business Consulting, Delivery and support)

Oliver Engelstadt

Oliver Engelstadt is the Presales and Service Director, Europe of Infocore Group.

He has over a decade of professional experience with Siemens Teamcenter across industries, with a specialized know-how of Teamcenter for the Automotive industry.In his extensive professional experience he has also worked for automotive suppliers as a mechanical engineer.

Oliver is by qualification a mechanical engineer technician and takes a keen interest in RC Car building and enjoys driving in his free time.

He and his wife have 3 children and they live in Germany.

Company Representative - Americas ( Focus: Business Development, Consulting, Delivery & Support)

Chris Bleill

Chris Bleill is the Infocore company representative in the Americas, including Canada, the United States and Mexico.

He has more than 25 years of experience in Product Lifecycle management and IT consulting, across multiple industries including aerospace, life sciences, and automotive.

Mr. Bleill holds a BS in Information Systems and BS in Finance from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.