We’re at a pivotal point in time for many businesses that few could have predicted would arrive so abruptly and significantly. With little warning, the COVID19 pandemic crisis has descended on the world, forcing the leaders of businesses to quickly and radically rethink how they will continue to do business and survive. How do you run a manufacturing business when you can’t have your full staff in the facility? How does your engineering team collaborate when there’s now only room for half of the desks because of social distancing requirements? While the Digital Transformation of many businesses was already underway at an organic pace, a situation like the pandemic certainly serves to speed things up.

So what is Digital Transformation and how does it serve us? The answer to that question depends on your business, and it’s something that you discover as you go through a Digital Transformation assessment. Here, we take a deep look at your operations, your customer communication, internal collaboration, engineering toolset, and supply chain management. We define what “Digital” means (and could mean) to your business. How can we use technology to enhance and sustain your customer experience? How can your employees communicate effectively now that they can’t be together physically? How do you manage your engineering assets and enable yet control access to them, and how people communicate about them? How can software or automation improve your quality process and allow you to manage your manufacturing operations effectively when you might not always be on the floor?

At Infocore, we have an experienced team of specialists in Digital software that understand what a challenge it is to radically reorganize engineering and manufacturing processes and organizations, under pressure. We quickly guide our clients through an evaluation process that identifies areas of high impact to implement digital technologies such as Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Simulation, digital asset management, and much more. We would love to help you craft a vision and execute a plan that transforms your business into a more flexible, efficient and customer centric version of itself. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you pivot and leap.