As an automotive industry leader, you face a barrage of both competing strategic goals and daily demands. You’re striving to meet quality and efficiency improvement goals while balancing rigorous data requirements and tight turnarounds. And more than ever, you’re navigating the need for rapid new product innovation as you race to comply with constantly emerging emission regulations as they develop on the dramatic world stage.

The Infocore Solution

Intelligent engineering, manufacturing and operations systems that interact seamlessly are critical to help you meet the schedule demands on the shop floor and satisfy the needs of the market. Phasing out expensive-to-maintain legacy systems and introducing new processes or programming interfaces is a significant investment, in both rollout and re-training. However delaying the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions by continuing to work with outdated systems is no longer remaining an option. To help you understand the path you need to take, and the plan to execute it, Infocore has grown a dedicated team of experienced automotive process and software architects. This marquee group is deeply experienced both in the analysis and design of the most updated, proven tools for engineering data management, supply chain integration and manufacturing operations management.

Recent Case Studies

Infocore recently completed a project for a leading automotive based in Asia with a presence in 70 nations around the world. The customer has a team of several hundred Teamcenter users working in R&D and production. To ensure smooth operation of Teamcenter, they needed to establish a core team to develop and deliver systematic execution of an expanded PLM roadmap that includes timely delivery of new modules and regular updates.

Infocore successfully provided roadmap consulting, Teamcenter configuration and server-side customization, system administration and user support. In addition, we provided Teamcenter – SAP (T4S) integration and customization with SAP.