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When you’re trying to solve a business problem with new software, a logical first step is to try and find an existing “off-the-shelf” software package that does what you need. But sometimes, there’s not a ready-made tool available that does just what you need, or solving your problem might require multiple tools that overlap awkwardly and end up requiring a cumbersome interface. Worse, you may need a manual process to fill the gaps.

When our customers come to us with this type of problem, we often recommend a custom software solution created just for their business. If you haven’t done this before, it can seem scary. But we promise that the benefits of a customized solution designed to meet your organization’s exact needs far outweigh the challenges.

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How Does It Work

The key to success in a custom software project is to get the requirements for the software clearly defined and documented. That’s why we start with workshops that help you determine exactly what you need (and what you don’t). We’re experienced guides who help you solidify your requirements so we know exactly what to build for you. Consider this the “blueprinting” phase.

This is where Infocore really takes over. Our team of architects and developers has the experience to create a software solution that meets the requirements created in Step 1 with the visual appeal you expect. Future-proof? It’s part of our internal mission to keep our skills up to date with the latest advancements in software development to minimize future maintenance needs and make your system as resilient as possible.Our development team is experienced in the latest development platforms for cloud, desktop, and mobile, and uses industry best practices to deliver high-quality, stable software solutions.

Here’s the really fun part. Once we’ve completed a solid functioning version, we hand over the software to you for a test drive. You get to roll it out to a small number of users (often called a “pilot” project) where you can observe the benefits of the new software and work out any additional requirements (that we will continue to work on). (This is called an Agile approach, for those of you in the know) With our support, you test it out while we develop a rollout plan to get all of your target users ready to go. Then, (drumroll!) we deliver the final version of the software to your business. We’ll support you through the transition—and beyond as you leap forward using your shiny new customized tool.

Step 1


Step 2

The Build

Step 3

Testing and Deployment

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