Infocore sponsors COVID ward to tackle the second wave in India
Bangalore, India – April 28, 2021

Infocore has come forward during the second wave crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in India. It is supporting and sponsoring HBS Hospital, situated in Bangalore, for furthering the cause of providing inpatient services to COVID patients by providing more wards. We applaud HBS hospital efforts as it is among the few hospitals providing Dialysis services to COVID patients. Also, providing sustained support in the future to the Dialysis unit, one of the lowest cost centers in the city, is being discussed.
Infocore firmly believes in providing constant support to HBS to bring healthcare to those in need and being a part of the community. The current situation in Indian calls for urgent attention to minimize its impact on loss of human lives and a need to fill the shortage with equipment in hospitals ensuring the community could be served with provision to a better health care facility.

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